Futurama Cuts UK


The Snipsons – a website begun c2000 by Ben Nunn, listing cuts from The Simpsons by the British channels Sky One and BBC Two.
The site has been offline since the early 2000s, but I am pleased to present the full archived version, as evidence of how much of a rip-off Futurama Cuts truly is:
Homepage   Censorship FAQ   Episode list   Online petition
Cuts directory page 1 (Season 1–5)
Cuts directory page 2 (Season 6)
Cuts directory page 3 (Seasons 7-10)

Simpsons Crazy – a monitor of British Simpsons censorship, old and new.

Peel messageboard – the best Futurama board I've found. Its members helped this site immeasurably, and there's always something to argue about. Sorry, "discuss".

Futurama Madhouse – a fan site with a Futurama links page

Melon Farmers – a comprehensive and funny monitor of censorship in the UK in general

Music censorship – The ROC (Rock Out Censorship), and Taboo Tunes, a book by Peter Blecha – plus its links page

E-mail contact – corrections? Apologies from censors? It's fine, I forgive ye.

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