Futurama Cuts UK

Welcome to the FUTURAMA CUTS site!

This website lists censored content from British TV screenings of Futurama! From 2000-2002, Channel 4 made significant edits to episodes of Matt Groening's animated sitcom, removing all but the mildest swear words, anything related to sex (even the word "sexuality"), drugs, rock 'n' roll, and violence. Except for when they forgot to.

Futurama viewers will know that the series isn't exactly Saw VII, and its humour is often subtle, which is what makes the cuts so disturbing to read – in attempting to protect children, this "edgy" mass media outlet treated its viewers like kids, and continues to do so with its other imported series, such as The Simpsons. Maybe C4 should stick to showing kids' series in future.
Cuts are by Channel 4 unless stated, but Sky One, the channel that broadcasts Futurama first in the UK, have been known to censor it as well. This site also covers other programmes (in the right-hand menu), listing more material that British TV channels took a fence to.

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